Thank you to Suzanne Lang for interviewing me on “A Novel Idea”! So honored!

More than two years ago, Fomite published my short story collection, TO LAY TO REST OUR GHOSTS. These two reviews popped up on Goodreads recently and left me full of wonder and appreciation. Go, little book, go!

     “If I could hand-sell this book to everyone I pass on the street, I would. Yes, it’s that good.”—Beth Hoffman, author of Saving CeeCee Honeycutt, on Goodreads

     “There wasn’t a single story in this collection that I didn’t like. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys short story collections but, even more so, those who don’t enjoy them because this one is the exception to the rule.”—Colleen, on Goodreads

Thank you, JMWW, for publishing my story “Whole New Worlds!”

Are you a Goodreads user? Check out my reviews! 90 and climbing, with a great review average!! Please consider adding your own review!

Had a fabulous time at the Clarksville Writers Conference! Thank you so much for the invite!!

So honored to be the recipient of the fourth annual Phillip H. McMath Post Publication Book Award! Thank you, Mr. McMath and the Arkansas Writer’s MFA Workshop!!

Thank you for having me back, WVLT, to share my award news!

WOW! Just so proud to be the fourth annual winner of the Phillip H. McMath Post Publication Book Award! Just announced!

Thank you to EDINA Magazine, for interviewing me for the November issue! What a thrill to have your support!

WHO KNEW one could be reviewed so long after pub date? Thank you to Blue Moon Publishing for this amazing review on their blog!

Thank you, Southern Literary Review, for making TO LAY TO REST OUR GHOSTS the August 2018 Read of the Month–WOW!

Lovely to be featured in Edina Sun Current!

Thanks for having me on the 4 pm show, WVLT! Check out my segment!

I WON SILVER in the Foreword INDIES Book of the Year Award for Short Stories! WOOT!

I have an essay posted on the wonderful Women Writers, Women’s Books that begins: “One of the pitfalls of writing fiction is that people think you are writing about yourself.” Please check it out!

Thank you to Jennifer at Tar Heel Reader for this amazing review! “This book made me fall in love with the short story.”

Thank you to Jason Quinn Malott, for this interview! I really enjoyed speaking with Jason!

I just had a story published in JMWW- woo hoo!

To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts is a June 2018 Pulpwood Queen Bonus Book! Book clubs, I am happy to meet in person (as possible) or via Skype! PQ Stamp of Approval

To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts is on the year-end best lists for fiction at Read Her Like An Open Book, Hungry for Good Books, AND Savvy Verse & Wit! Woo hoo! Thank you all!

I am honored to be on the 35 Over 35 List for 2017! WOW!

Thank you to Goodreads reviewer, Angela M., for including To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts on her year-end best list. So proud, and so proud to be in the company of such super writers!

Over the moon to be on Hungry for Good Books Annual Book List–with a star and note that my book is good for book clubs!

Wow! Thank you, Bookstalker, for this review–I am overwhelmed!

Thank you WNBA Charlotte for an AMAZING evening at Bibliofeast!

Thanks so much to The Story Prize for giving me the opportunity to guest post!

Wow! Thank you to Savvy Verse & Wit for the beautiful review!

A huge shout out thank you to Read Her Like An Open Book for this glowing review! And another huge shout out thank you to Broad Street Magazine for interviewing me for their very cool and compelling TruthTeller series!

Thank you to and LargeheartedBoy for sharing my thoughts on inspiration and music!

I tied for second place in the county library haiku contest! YAY! I won Moon pies and Sun Drop Soda!

I am launched! Woo hoo! Thanks to Flossie at Union Avenue Books for celebrating with us all and handling book sales!!

Caitlin Hamilton Summie book launch photo

Happy Pub. Date! And thanks to Trina Hayes and Jaclyn Bauer for their thoughtful, touching reviews, and thanks to Deborah Kalb for a fun interview!

I have Bloom’d!!!

I had a POEM published! Woo hoo! Check it out at here!

Woo hoo! Thank you to Hypertext Magazine for publishing a story that is very dear to me, “Growing Up Cold“!

Thank you so so so much to David Abrams for including my story collection in the June 2017 Front Porch Books! I am honored!

In June, I had a short story accepted by South 85 Journal! The story, “Cleaning House,” is actually not part of the collection (but is part of the novel I am working on, entitled Geographies of the Heart). Check it out here.

My short story, “Taking Root,” was accepted by The Belmont Story Review!

Love my cover!!